Frequently asked questions

Can I use the formation images on my own website?

All football formation images produced by our football formation creator are property of

You are welcome to use them as a user of blogs and public forums as a means to share your formations with fans across the internet. However website owners require prior permission to include them as part of their websites actual content.

How do I find links to the teams I have created?

Incase you close our website after creating your team before you have managed to copy the links we provide you with to share your team, we email you the link to your team using the email address provided to us in the design process.

What are the different kit colours for?

We give you the option to add up to two different kit colours to your team when you create your formation

The first one is the "Kit main colour". This allows you to choose the main colour of your kit or the most prominent team colour.

The second choice is the "Kit accent colour". This should be used if your team has any other club colours, for example stripes or blocks of colour that accent the main colour of your kit.

Why do I have to enter those funny letters everytime I create a team?

Simple, this is called a "CAPTCHA". It is used to verify that you are in fact a Human user and not a bot or spam device which can drain system resources.

Can I post links to my team on your Twitter account?

Yes of course you can, we encourage interaction between fans over the internet, so what better way to do so than by using our very own Football Formation Twitter page!